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In the spring of 2021, Franciszek Starowieyski's work 'Nymphs of Dying Trees' appeared in the lobby of Solar's headquarters, arousing emotions, reflections and creating new contexts, which two years later took a specific form in the form of a limited collection SOLAR x STAROWIEYSKI.


"The nymphs, the hamadrias, the guardians of the individual trees with which they are born and die have come to life and have become the the inspiration for the limited Solar collection with a feminine touch. A collection that was created as an expression of admiration and appreciation for women - modern, mortal nymphs. In this way, the play became a pretext for a conversation about femininity and feminism, creating an open space for the further development of the values on which the Solar brand is built" -. This is how SOLAR's Executive Vice President, Aleksandra Danel, describes the collection.

The slogan #CloseToMyArt, accompanying Solar's previous collections and referring to the artistic interests and sources of inspiration of the brand's designers, has been developed in an original and very creative way for the spring/summer 2023 season.

Femininity, drawn in Franciszek Starowieyski's languorous line, can sometimes be exuberant and take on a very masculine perspective - the SOLAR x STAROWIEYSKI spring/summer 2023 limited collection, inspired by his work 'Nymphs of Dying Trees', changes this perspective dramatically. Solar's designers have taken on only those aspects of the artist's gaze that they found inspiring in the here and now. This is fashion designed by women for women: comfortable, organic, original and emphasising the individuality of each of us. Just as every tree has its hamadria, each model in the collection has its own unique character. Starowieyski's line, combined with the talent and imagination of the SOLAR designers, became the transmitter of the energy conveyed by the individual garments and jewellery.

The models included in the SOLAR X STAROWIEYSKI limited collection paint an extremely coherent picture, although not devoid of contrasts. Maintained in a very narrow range of colours: dominated by black, white, stone and beige combined with cinnamon.. The black and white, austere and expressive proposals present the image of a strong and modern woman. Particularly notable among the designers' proposals is the long jacket in a masculine cut with a unique lining, set against a white shirt with visible slits. There is no shortage of modern looks such as kimono shapes, back-revealing necklines, corsets or a spectacular white oversized shirt with cuffs and a place for cufflinks that are part of the collection.

The second part of the collection is linen in its finest, most noble formThe collection includes: wide trousers, a long single-breasted coat with a belt, a set: a shirt and trousers with a print referring to F. Starowieyski's line. This version of the limited collection is a vision of a very sensual and natural woman.

What particularly distinguishes this collection from others is the original details that relate directly but subtly to the inspirational work Nymphs of dying trees. Starowieyski's work appears in many places in the collection - sometimes as a whole and sometimes in fragments. The overscaled, abstract print on the fabric, the arrangement of the female figure on the scarf and lining, the minimalist elements in the form of patches on the shirt or coat, and the subtle embroidery on the shirt collar are all references directly to elements of the painting. In turn, the irregular lines characteristic of the work were also transferred to the two-tone jacquard, fine fringes and loose weaves of the knitted models.

Today we interpret the nymphs of the title as an expression of care for nature - the limited Solar line clearly fits into this framework with its emphasis on the choice of materials used.. In addition to natural and fine fabrics such as linen, viscose and its blends, cotton as well as silk, the collection features a bag-basket made in 100% from paper.The choice of natural materials correlates with the colourful simplicity and theme of the painting.

The original jewellery deserves special recognition : pin, pins, earring and brooch made of pearls and silver, which was combined with plastic elements from upcycled Solar hangers.. This combination is a sign of the times and a signal that it is time to think green.

The heroine of the session is the new Polish topmodel Maja Zimnoch photographed by the duo Tatian&Karol against the backdrop of an austere and economical set design, which was made up of boards obtained from upcycled material from, among other things, hangers used in our shops.

The SOLAR Spring/Summer 2023 limited collection is an expression of our times: it is a hybrid of fashion and art that sovereignly captures Starowieyski's line and motifs to create from them a unique phenomenon. "Nymphs of Dying Trees" - despite the suggestion of dying in the title - are teeming with vitality and strength. It is these qualities that have permeated the SOLAR collection, emanating from its every detail: prints, patches, collars, colours, seams, pins, brooches. These are clothes for the body and soul that become a second skin, combining artistry and unpretentious naturalness.

Model : Maja Zimnoch

Photo : Tatian&Karol

Stylist: Eugenia Skvarska

Production : Solar Company/ Warsaw Creatives