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RESERVED is a clothing brand whose collections for women, men and children are available in 10 European countries. The first shop under this name was opened in Poland in the mid-1990s. To date, some 340 stores have been opened in Central and Eastern Europe. In all of them, customers will find clothes of good quality and the latest designs.

RESERVED is also committed to promoting talented designers. By doing so, it wants to emphasise that it is a brand for all those who are looking for global trends at an affordable price.

Within the collections offered by RESERVED, women's, men's and children's lines are distinguished. The former include:

  • OFFICE is a line for women who choose everyday modern elegance. It also includes classic outfits ideal for special occasions and business situations.
  • STREET FASHION offers urban fashion that is ideal for less formal occasions. Although casual to wear, it allows you to feel feminine and fashionable.
  • YOUNG is a line created for young women, individualists, seeking their own style and open to change. The clothes in this line are the quintessence of the latest fashion trends. When worn, they allow you to feel feminine, subtle and modern.

The men's collection also features three lines:

  • CITY is a line equipped with classic pieces, appealing to both the younger and bolder man. The clothes in this line are perfect for less formal meetings, evenings, combining elegance and sophisticated style.
  • CASUAL is a practical, casual, all-weather, on-trend line. It is designed for everyday wear, in and out of town. In a word: comfort and elegance in one.
  • YOUNG is a daring line, full of novelties taken straight from the catwalks, with original cuts and colours, in a relaxed but elegant tone.
  • In parallel, the showrooms offer a Jeans line, an underwear collection, a wide range of accessories and shoes.

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Mon-Sat: 9:00 - 21:00
Sunday: 9:00 - 20:00

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