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The biggest magnet of the Słupsk region is the sea, but the area also has a lot to offer tourists looking for other experiences. When visiting Central Pomerania, it is worth exploring something that cannot be found elsewhere.

If you are tired of the year-round hustle and bustle at work and at home, the Słupsk region can offer thalassotherapy, i.e. treatment by the sea. A visit to one of the numerous seaside spas is enough to enjoy the benefits of treatments that use sea water and the algae living in it.

Many holidaymakers find it difficult to imagine a stay at the seaside without bringing along the "gold of the Baltic", i.e. amber. The Słupsk region offers many opportunities to encounter amber.When visiting the several hundred-year-old Słupsk, a city with a rich and turbulent past, it is worth getting to know the most interesting elements of its history.

Listen to the history of the witchcraft trials held in the city and the Witches' Tower associated with it, taste the Slupsk pizza served in the oldest restaurant of its kind in Poland, and check the date on the original floral calendar.

It is essential to send a postcard to family and friends. When we are in Słupsk, we have an additional reason to do so, because the inventor of the postcard lived in this city.

The Slupsk region hides many secrets and surprises all the time waiting to be discovered.