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A neighbourhood full of surprises

It is not only relaxation on beautiful beaches that the Slupsk region can offer tourists. When coming to the Baltic, it is also worth taking advantage of other leisure opportunities and attractions. It is enough to look around. The Słupsk area abounds in various types of tourist trails: hiking, cycling or canoeing.

The abundance and picturesqueness of the trails to follow mean that there is plenty to choose from. You can take advantage of trails for beginners as well as the most experienced tourists. It is also worth visiting Słupsk, which is full of historical monuments and traces of history, using the city's tourist trails.
Holidaymakers who are tired of sunbathing or who do not like idle lounging on the beach should be interested in fishing trips on the high seas. You can enjoy the adventure on a fishing boat or directly from the shore in every port of Central Pomerania.
Travelling around the Słupsk region does not have to involve physical exertion and burning of calories. For fans of culinary journeys, the Słupsk region offers a wealth of dishes and flavours unknown nowhere else and derived from the traditions of the area.
Attractions also await those arriving in seasons other than summer. In autumn, it is worth reaching Kępice near Słupsk for the mushroom-picking championships, and in winter, the seaside to observe the power of the elements during the numerous storms.
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